Looking for high-quality and sustainable yoga mats and products for your yoga studio, boutique or online store? Our Wholesale program supports yogis all over the world with competitive pricing. We look for partners who share our passion for wellness and sustainability. We distribute globally and would love to hear from you! We provide wholesale for all Mndfl Mats products (are we're owned by the same parent company, Yogaventures).

Good To Know

  • Shipping fees are applicable and an additional expense wholesale orders. Based on weight and location.
  • Min wholesale order $200 after discount applied, excluding shipping 

Wholesale Rates

# of Same Product  Wholesale Discount
10 - 20
21 - 30 40%
31 - 40
41+ 60%

    How To Place Wholesale Order

    If you're interested in placing a wholesale order with us, please email us.

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