Our high-vibrational treatment studio is a holistic wellness space dedicated to supporting your well-being. We have teamed up with talented, high-calibre practitioners who are leaders in their craft to offer you a unique positive experience every time. Walk up the stairs, be greeted with a friendly smile and welcomed into our treatment space that is thoughtfully designed to create the most beautiful, sensory experience. Think tons of lush greenery, crystals, pure essential oils, incense, sage sticks, palo santo, positive guidance cards and more. Your practitioner will sit with you to discuss your needs while you enjoy a warm cup of Love Tea or sample from our cookie jar and fruit bowl. When the session begins, so does the deep healing. You'll walk in and float out.


Holistic Counselling with Jacqui Hunt

Energy Healing with Joanna Hunt

Ka Huna Healing Massage with Kelly Rooney

Are You a Practitioner?

We love to work collaboratively with talented local practitioners. Alternatively, we offer Studio Hire casually or long-term.