Yogaventures offers a luxurious, creative, collaborative multi-purpose hire space. Perfect for practitioners, yoga events, launch events, online fimling, brand photoshoots, product photography and more. Expect a space that is feminine, welcoming, open and thoughtfully designed to create the most beautiful, sensory experience. We've created a cool, breezy space that is environmentally-friendly featuring minimalistic beach-luxe decor and tons of lush greenery to calm and elevate the senses. Each studio hire includes access to our gorgeous reception area which connects to our 2 large purpose-built studio rooms and has access male and female bathrooms. Expect comfortable seating, cushions, a selection of organic fair trade teas, cookie jar, fruit bowl, positive guidance cards, pure essential oils, incense, sage sticks, palo santo, hairbands and more. Everything you need for wellness.


Casual Rate $100/hr | Daily Rate $500/day

Our high-vibrational yoga studio is perfect for events, photoshoots and filming. It's a spacious 90sqm and fits 25 yoga mats comfortably. It features a high-fidelity Sonos speaker system and our impressive props shelf of yoga mats, bolsters, blocks, straps, blankets, cushions, cork rollers, cork therapy balls, small foam balls, eye pillows, therabands, pilates balls and more. We've also added finishing touches like ambient lighting, air con, wifi plants, crystals, pure essential oils, incense, sage, palo santo, yoga consent tokens and more.


Casual Rate $60/hr | Daily Rate $300/day | Contract $150/day every wk

Our luxurious treatment studio is a holistic wellness space for our talented practitioners. In this room we regularly host therapy, massage, energy healing, acupuncture, astrology sessions and more. Perfect for private or couple sessions supporting a versatile range of wellbeing services. It's an open-plan 40sqm and features high-fidelity Sonos speaker system, a professional treatment table, consultation area complete with comfortable seating, coffee tables and rug, hot and cold water basin, as well as loads of blank space to practice yoga, meditation and other movement. We've also added finishing touches like ambient lighting, beanbags, stunning local artwork, lush greenery, crystals, pure essential oils, organic massage oils, incense, sage, palo santo, eye pillows, love tea, cookies, fruit, air conditioning, and wifi.