Ka Huna Massage is a beautiful form of bodywork that provides a holistic approach to calming, deep relaxation and healing by balancing the body-mind in it's physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions. Your massage practitioner, Kelly, will provide a safe, supportive environment and compassionate understanding to facilitate self-healing. It's a powerful treatment for stress, anxiety, exhaustion, physical discomfort, injury, depression or grief.
When you arrive enjoy a selection of delicious orgnic fair-trade teas and choose from an assortment of massage oils infused with organic pure essential oils for your session. During the session, Kelly uses oils, energy work and soft/deep tissue massage with a fluid Thai-Chi style application. Ka Huna Massage traditionally includes silent intentions and blessings made by the practitioner as they work on your body and call upon Aloha Spirit for your healing, wisdom, power and to access different levels of consciousness.
Suitable for every body regardless of age, shape or health. Unplug, relax and feel the powerful healing awaken in you.
60-mins $100