Energy, Psychic + Mediumship Healings


The below energy healing sessions with Joanna Hunt from Eia Wellness help you release past pain and emotion stored in the body, and serve as a bridge between your conscious and subconscious mind. This allows for deeper levels of healing, an increase in self awareness and greater integration of human experiences.

Energetic Healing

This session involves an introduction to the work and a chance for us to connect and see if we’re a good fit. Followed by an assessment and Standard Energetic Healing session. This incorporates gentle breath work, precise light contacts on the physical body as well as the bio-energetic field around the body. This helps to change the way your nervous system habitually responds to life stress, allowing your body to learn a more efficient way of organising itself. This process significantly reduces pain and tension in your mind and body, and results in expanded states of consciousness and awakening.

  • Introductory Session 45 mins $120
  • Standard Session 30 mins $80 or 5 Pack $350

Psychic Healing

Psychic Healing sessions involve tuning into your energetic field; unpacking specific pieces of information and providing intuitive guidance for you moving forward. These sessions aim to provide you with more insight, peace and clarity with your current life situation and leave you feeling more confident and empowered.

  • 30 mins $80
  • 45 mins $100

Psychic + Mediumship Healing

As well as a Psychic Healing, this session involves reconnecting you with people from your life who are now in the spirit world. If you are wanting to connect with a loved one who has recently passed, it is advisable to wait until the hardest part of grieving is over as this greatly impacts the ability to connect.

  • 60 mins $130