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De-clutter your mind, calm your nervous system, build strength and increase flexibility. Yogaventures puts heart-centred online classes at your fingertips, working around your busy schedule and peak hour traffic. For all levels, experience and bodies.

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A high energy breath-focused full-body flow for a total wellness tune-up. Expect a blend of Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kundalini and Hatha to cultivate strength, flexibility and balance. You'll place controlled amounts of stress on the body to improve mind-body awareness, build resilience and leave you feeling energised, aligned and inspired.


Unwind and de-stress with this deliciously-deep class for whole body restoration. We sprinkle elements of Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Roll and Release to increase muscle elasticity, melt fascia and calm the nervous system. It's powerfully-therapeutic deep work that softens physical tensions, releases stress and heals anxiety. It's basically like a big warm hug.


Sweetly guided Meditation, Pranayama, Mantra, Sound Bath, Yoga Nidra and dharma talks. Learn to stay present, embrace change, shift perspective, choose peace, integrate self-love, tap into gratitude, set soul goals and become a magnet for everything good in this life. Energy flows where intention goes, my friends. Deepen your connection and manifest the very best version of yourself.


Get ready to sweat with our feel-good conditioning-based workout — the perfect compliment to your yoga practice. We love to blend mindful movement including Barre, Pilates, core and strength with mindfulness-based practices. A non-stop high-energy practice to designed to lengthen, align and sculpt the core, arms, thighs, booty and mind.

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Heart-Led Classes

Practice empowering, nurturing and supportive classes with our world-class teachers to tap into self-care and self-love.


Need a week of deep relaxation? New to this yoga thing? We've thoughtfully-designed these courses to keep you inspired, motivated and progressing towards your goals.

Weekly Wellness

Goodbye decision fatigue, hello wellness! We plan the freshest movement and mindfulness classes for your week ahead, so you don't have to.

Yogaventures is a must for any beginner or experienced yogi looking for a nurturing, supportive and inclusive practice. Every teacher holds a very special unique class, you really will have to try them all out!
— Ria Hutchison
Feeling blissfully happy and reaping all the rewards of this magical class. I am so fortunate to have Yogaventures Online travel with me on my journeys. So many variations to choose from. Thank you!
— Wendy Rogers
Such a nourishing practice. I feel so at peace and so calm. If I could describe this practice in only a few words it felt like my Mother’s hug, feel renewed and carried! Thank you thank you thank you for this gorgeous yummy flow.
— Shazia Keshwani
Joining Yogaventures online was hands down the best thing for my body and mind. I'm based in Melbourne and it made a world of difference during a really hard time. Thank you so much for such wonderful classes and teachers.
— Jessica Reed
World-Class Teachers

Our Angels

Meet our all-female, highly-aligned dream team of handpicked world class teachers. They are warm-hearted, genuine and passionately dedicated to enriching your yoga experience.

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