Whether you're looking for movement or stillness we have something for every vibration. We’ve designed the perfect collection of 5 signature classes for total mind-body wellness. You'll walk in and float out.


A high energy breath-focused full-body flow for a total wellness tune-up. Expect a blend of Vinyasa Flow and Power Flow to cultivate flexibility, strength and balance. You'll place controlled amounts of stress on the body to improve mind-body awareness, build resilience and leave you feeling energised, aligned and inspired.


Unwind and de-stress with this deliciously-deep blissful yoga class for whole body restoration and nourishment. We love to sprinkle elements of Yin, Restorative, Roll and Release teachings to systematically increase muscle elasticity, melt fascia and balance the nervous system. It's powerfully-therapeutic deep work that softens physical tensions, releases stress and heals anxiety. It's basically like a big warm hug.

Chill Flow

Move with ease, clear your head and find your flow with this beginner-friendly class. Expect an uncomplicated gentle flow focusing on thoughtful options and safe alignment to increase circulation and revitalise the body. We love to weave in supportive yoga holds at the end of class to increase muscle elasticity and soften. A little bit of everything – strengthening, stretching, balancing and breathing. This is the goldilocks of classes suitable for absolute beginners. The perfect balance of yang and yin.


Get ready to sweat with our feel-good mindful movement workout. We love to blend Yogalates and Pilates teachings to condition the core, arms, thighs, booty and mind. A non-stop low-impact and high-energy practice to improve overall fitness, strengthen and engage muscles you never knew existed. You'll leave buzzing, feeling empowered and ready to seize the day.


A sweetly guided mindfulness class blending meditation, mantra, sound, pranayama and journalling techniques. Learn to stay present, embrace change, shift perspective, choose peace, integrate self-love, tap into gratitude, set soul goals and become a magnet for everything good in this life. Energy flows where intention goes my friends. Deepen your connection and manifest the very best version of yourself.